7 Game-Changing Ways We Learnt to Boss-Up Our Lives at the COSMO Hustle Summit

Are you after that promotion? Are you looking for an investor? Do you want to learn how you can lead your team even more efficiently and effectively? And do you want to translate all those ideas into a successful business? COSMO Hustle is a day packed with celebrity talks and interactive workshops all dedicated to empowering you to achieve your #careergoals.

This year we expanded, bringing guests a chock-full day of incredible speakers and an inspiring panel (from the world of finance to wellness, plus a sprinkling of celebs). Our first-ever #COSMOHustleSummit2019, brought to you by Bernini, took place on Saturday 4 May, at the gorgeous The Venue in Melrose Arch. The all-day event delivered on its promise to inspire those who attended with tools on how to ‘boss-up’ in different areas of our lives.

With a chance to meet Bonang Matheba, the COSMO team, enjoy delicious food, a networking drinks reception, FREE goodie bag and complimentary makeup touch-ups, the event was nothing short of spectacular.

Here are seven life-changing lessons we learnt from this insanely inspirational day.

1 You do not need to be old and rich to start investing!

Finance gurus, personal finance coach Mapalo Makhu and Pat Magadla of Old Mutual delivered tips on how Millennial women can gain financial freedom. Magadla informed us that not only is the pay gap widening but women are saving far less than men. However, saving is no quick fix. ‘Financial freedom is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You have to pace yourself because it’s a long game. You need to think about long-term investing,’ says Magadla.

We don’t know about you, but investing has always sounded intimidating and something for the old and wealthy. However, Magadla advises that you are never too young to start saving for the future.

‘You don’t need a lot of money to start investing. Start by putting away R500 every month,’ says Magadla. ‘Either by putting it into a tax-free savings account or into a unit trust. When you’re young, you think you have time to save but as you get older, you end up playing catch-up. You’re never too young to start planning for your retirement.’

2 Lock in your vision … and don’t be embarrassed to want to make a LOT of money

The incredible Miss Salon London founder and CEO Ego Iwegbu shared her tools and knowledge for bossing up your brand. What even is a brand, really? ‘A brand helps a customer choose YOU,’ says Iwegbu. Why would someone choose you over somebody else? What do you offer that is unique? Not sure how to do this? Iwegbu suggests creating a vision board. ‘If it is not working, revisit the vision board and tweak things or start again,’ she says.

The entrepreneur and mentor also provided us with some insights on starting a business with a friend and advised all to ‘Think carefully when starting a business with a friend. Partnerships are beneficial but you need to ask yourself, “Does this partnership actually make sense for my brand?”‘ *Preach* We also loved how open she was about making a lot of money and how amazing it feels to see the cash roll in the bank. Yes, sis.

3 If you want to be successful, you cannot neglect self-care

Life coach Phemelo Segoe gave a moving address on how to build up your confidence. Segoe advises to look deep within and decide how exactly you would like to feel. ‘Anger is a choice. Resentment is a choice. So is flexibility, laughter, compassion, tenderness and resilience. Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most formidable form of clarity that you can have,’ she says.

The wellness expert also advised us of the importance of looking after yourself when trying to achieve your goals. ‘Self-care is something that is often easier to say than actually do,’ she says. ‘You cannot pour from an empty cup. When we neglect self-care, all other areas of our lives are neglected as well.’ *Runs me a bath*

4 Happiness is a choice

Queen B was in the house and, I mean, we are not WORTHY. Bonang Matheba delivered some pearls of wisdom on the strength and hard work it takes to get to the top. ‘It takes a lot of courage,’ she says. ‘It’s only a dream until you actually do something about it.’ Matheba opened up about the numerous auditions, castings and agents she went through to get where she is today. She advised, ‘Start small and build your way to the top. It’s a long journey. Ideas are nothing until [they are] executed, so start climbing the ladder today.’

La Bonza also shared her experience on the power of fear, happiness and sadness. ‘Once you fear something, it becomes negative. You need to be comfortable with fear. You need to be comfortable with rejection. You need to be comfortable with negativity. Cry if you need to cry. Drink champagne if you need to drink champagne (YAAAS!!). Then pick yourself up and move on. Happiness is a choice. Say, “Okay, universe. I’m over it. I choose to be happy.”‘ Your girl, B, serving the truth.

5 Content is kween, so make sure your content represents who you are

Want to make it on YouTube or Instagram? Mich Atagana of Google Africa shared her wisdom on bossing up your content and leveraging your digital presence into a viable business. Atagana advised posting regularly, as well as understanding and keeping a constant eye on your social analytics and insights to help you inform your content. But first, she advises thinking carefully about what your content is actually about.

‘You need to be sure of the story you are sharing,’ advises Atagana. ‘If I don’t know what your message is or what you stand for, I am not going to believe in you or your content. The story of your content is the story of who you are.’

6 You need to know your product in-and-out and be able to unpack it in 30 seconds

Want to deliver the best pitch of your life? Well, Charmagne Mavudzi of Volvo inspired us all to nail that next awks elevator ride with a potential investor.

When it comes to pitches, Mavudzi advises that less is more. ‘Keep your pitch clear and concise. Be clear about your product. Be clear about your market. Be clear about your future. And be able to unpack it 30 seconds,’ she says.

Most importantly, ‘Think before you pitch… Make sure you have a plan regarding where your business is going. Create a roadmap and do your own financial projections, so that by the time the elevator hits the floor, you are happy.’

7 Find people who believe in you and your cause

Media personality and business owner Thando Thabethe shared her story and her road to success: from working alongside Roger Goode on 5FM (which is how she got her nickname Thabooty – she thinks it was because he didn’t know how to say her surname, LOL) to having her own show, The Thabooty Drive on 5FM, and how she used her connections to create her own lingerie line, Thabooty’s Underwear & Shapewear, and just recently, her own swimwear line.

She also spoke on the power of relationships and the importance of using networking to grow your business. ‘People do business with people they like… Look around and find people who believe in you and your cause! Be ruthless in the pursuit of your dreams.’

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