COSMO x Stayfree: Period Power

This campaign was informed via a data-led insight – our COSMO Period Survey which told us that 90% of women feel they were not educated in school about their periods. 

This is why we created a petition to make menstrual education mandatory in schools and physically went to schools to do talks with Stayfree and their ambassador, Sho Madjozi, on world menstrual hygiene day in May.

We’ve partnered with Stayfree and their #StayfreeToLearn Schools programme – an initiative that has reached almost 1 million girls South Africa, discussing puberty and menstrual hygiene. Their educators visit schools, use flip carts and other visual aids to explain the wonder and normalcy of menstruation and then open honest discussion on the topic.

Here are the top five findings from the survey:

COSMO also teamed up with Stayfree and a bunch of girls and guys to understand what they really thought about periods.

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